Welcome to I-CAN!®

I-CAN!® is a free online application that will fill out court forms for you by asking you simple questions. I-CAN!® will also print instructions to tell you what to do with your forms and how the court process works. You can use I-CAN!® in English or Spanish. If you want to change the language to Spanish, click the link at the top of the page.

To begin using I-CAN!® now click the "LOGIN" tab above. You can also follow this tutorial to help you understand how to use I-CAN!® to prepare your court forms. The tutorial will give you an overview of I-CAN!®, creating your username and password, answering questions, using definitions, the video guide, navigating I-CAN!®, reviewing and printing your forms and some important browser information. If you want to skip to the end of the tutorial, click the "LOGIN" tab above at any time.

Click "Next" to begin the tutorial or the "LOGIN" tab above to start using I-CAN!® now.